About my Blog

About me

I am a Scottish Solicitor who writes about contemporary equalities and human rights issues.  

I publish regular articles and commentary with either an equalities or human rights focus; issues covered to date include;

I have also appeared on television news, taken part in radio discussion programmes and had opinion pieces published in the national press.

I approach each article with the lay person in mind.

I try to explain the law, best practice and provide relevant external commentary to each of the topics covered purposely avoiding technical legalese.

August - reviewing the Fringe

This august, I will also be reviewing my pick of the Fringe.

If a performance has demonstrated a unique equalities or human rights approach, I'll write about it and publicise the show through social media, by email and word of mouth.

At the end of the Fringe, I also hope to present an award to the best performance that has demonstrated an original equalities or human rights theme.

If you wish to nominate a show for review, get in touch.

Please remember though, there has to be an Equalities or Human Rights element for me to consider a review.    

To the future

As time moves on, my Blog will develop and become more of a resource for anyone with an interest in Equality or Human Rights. 

I've added a search box, allowing reader to search for key words or phrases e.g., LGBT or disability. 

I have also added a specific page providing links to the relevant legislation, guidance or explanatory notes.  

Contributors are welcome

If you have a story you would like me to investigate, or if you fancy writing your own contribution to my Blog, please get in touch using the details provided opposite.